I operate from the tenet and belief of the individuality of each person I supervise.
I aim to provide a non-judgemental, confidential and supportive environment which hopefully engenders enough trust so that supervisees can bring to the supervisory session what is relevant to them.
In addition to my core training (Person Centred), I believe I need to be able to communicate skilfully in a wide variety of ways across and within a multitude of contexts. I therefore draw on my experiences of other approaches. Regular attendance at conferences, workshops and additional training has enhanced my self awareness as well as my perception in noticing what might be useful to explore in the clients’/supervisees’ phenomenology.
I place important emphasis on the skills necessary for using supervision most effectively, regardless of the ‘level’ of development of my supervisees.

My work is governed by the BACP Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

My work is supervised by a BACP registered Supervisor

I offer reduced fees for trainees.